With all the sorrow, fear, and hate in the world, I am so happy that my job still brings joy to people. I am proud that my job, for just a short period of time, can make us forget everything that is going on around us. During my sessions, we get to experience joy, love, laughter without fear, hate, or evil making their way into our minds or soul.

Thinking about this made me realize that we all need to take some time each and every day to enjoy the small things.

We are not promised tomorrow. However, we have right now to make a difference in our lives and everyone around us.

Be the joy to your friends, family, and strangers in your life.

Be the love that inspires everyone to love deeper.

Have the biggest laugh in the room that makes everyone else laugh, and they do not know why they are laughing.



To Tabi and Tyler, thank you for sharing your evening with me and allowing me to be part of your love. Thank you for your patience with the constant COVID-19 reschedule, then the weather, and then the change of location last minute.

You two are amazing and deserve a life full of joy, love, and tons of laughter.

I cannot wait for your wedding day this fall.

Much love,



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